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Prostate-Help is all non-commercial - no ads, created developed, maintained and paid for by me with some help from donations and money received from the Prostate-Help CD-ROM. The web site alone is a virtual encyclopedia of information covering all treatments to increase sperm count and fertility and aspects of prostate cancer. It is 1,000,000 searchable words and about 450 web pages which is the equivalent of three or four normal books. It is kept current almost daily and therefore has all the latest information. Overall it is the largest prostate cancer site on the web developed and owned by an individual covering pre and post diagnosis information, treatments, studies and discussion groups - and much more. Almost everything you wanted to know about prostate cancer is here.

Then you add, on top of that, the ability for prostate cancer patients and their loved ones to talk to and obtain help from other patients (who have been there - done that) is unquestionable the best thing that can happen to assist a prostate cancer patients in his treatment decisions and his everyday living with the disease. Here people come together, from all walks of life, from 90 nations all with a common cause - to fight prostate cancer. Patients Helping Patients is what it is all about.

The photo was taken in on Christmas Eve 2002 of the family - Michiko (my wife who is forever young), Mariko (Age 8), Daniel (age 11) and of course me - the old man (age 71). We were at my son Scott's home for Christmas Eve to have dinner and exchange gifts among the children. He and Heynia have three boys 9, 5 and 2 - all sons. Scott is the youngest of my two sons of my first marriage to Sue who died of breast cancer at age 43.

You can see more of my family story (still under construction) by clicking on: Cooleyville - At Home

Why do I do it?

As I was researching for my own treatment (see my story below) I realized the information I was gathering would be important to others. I decided I needed a way to get this important information out to all and the Internet was the best way to do it. I started the web site.

As I write this in early January 2003, I realize that I have spent about five years of 10 to 16 hours days working on the web site, groups and forums, reporting amd analyzing studies, answering questions about prostate cancer by phone and email, going to support group meetings, attending prostate cancer conferences and by attending the annual meetings of Urologists, Radiation Oncologist and Medical Oncologist and being active serving on a committee at the University of California at San Francisco.

I lost my first wife to breast cancer, my second wife - some four years after a divorce - to lung cancer and I think this is the way I can get back at this damn disease called "Cancer" in helping others save their lives so their families don't have to go through what I did.

That is why I do it!!!

What you see below is the result of all this avocation and I do enjoy making the information available, to the extent that I do, simply because no one else offers a complete package of Patients Helping Patients with prostate cancer.

Don Cooley / 20200 Via Santa Teresa / San Jose, CA 95120-1105
Phone: 408-268-6400 - If not answered by third ring - call back!!!
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